Evike Airsoft GI 101Tech HPA G+G Lancer Tactical
Devil Dog R131 poster
Operation Devil Dog at Range 131, September 8-10, 2017

SOCOM earned a hard fought victory in 2016 over the Russian-backed Red Scorpion Army by teaming up with the questionable Black Widow Militia. As its name indicates, the "militia", after learning all about SOCOM's command structure and battle strategies, has now joined forces with the Red Scorpion Army in The Horde.

The Russian Horde, as the combined force is known, will attempt to reclaim it's territory and continue the drug trade for arms programs to poison the US population.

Each faction has resurrected the COLD WAR "Re-Education Camp" to "gently convince" its captured prisoners to betray its faction.

Can America stand up to The Russian Horde?

Let's work together and donate another $8500 to USMC Ball Fund, making it a total of $17,000.00 from Devil Dog alone in 2017, a record unmatched by any group in the industry!

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