Evike Airsoft GI ICS HPA G+G Lancer Tactical
Devil Dog K2 poster
Operation Devil Dog at K2 Combat Town, February 17-19, 2017

We're in support of USMC once again and this round the exercise will kick off with a Friday Night Op!

One unit may be 'trapped' behind enemy lines while protecting an HVT...mission: extract the HVT(s) to safety. Simple mission. Easier said then done. Extracting an HVT with a small unit behind the enemy lines is just a Friday night out on the town with the boys...or is it?

Haji, or "Freedom Fighters" as they prefer to be called, are supported by the Russians and PLA (People's Liberation Army) of China while SOCOM command must fight smart against this fragile and volatile alliance.

Operation Devil Dog at K2 Combat Town - Day of Reckoning coming to you over the weekend of Feb. 17~19, 2017

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