Evike Airsoft GI ICS HPA G+G Lancer Tactical
Bulldog poster
Operation Bulldog, April 7-9, 2017

The situation in the Western Huud Region of Biajan has seen brutal fighting in the recent months, with Russian/Biajan Combined Forces fighting to take control of the Huud region from Allied Ground Forces sponsored Biajan Rebels. The Rebels have been thoroughly beaten and now the Allied Command has been authorized to conduct limited operations to insure the region does not become occupied by the Russian/Biajan Combined Forces. The Russian Command will not risk a large scale conflict and has decided to conduct their own limited operations in the Huud region.

Both sides prepare for the conflict ahead, recognizing time is limited for each to achieve a victory before the other world powers demand a peaceful settlement in order to avoid a broader war. Both sides will have to sink their teeth into the region and not back down until victory is achieved, this is Operation Bull Dog 2017.

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