Playing Airsoft with Best of USA's OLCMSS

Don't know what Airsoft is? These videos demonstrate the basics of playing Airsoft. Check out this page to see what it is all about, starting with the basics of safety and fair play. View each of these basics videos by selecting the links below, or go to one of the listed Airsoft Retailers for the high resolution Airsoft Etiquette DVD. Then check out the more advanced clips further down that show full on large scale Airsoft Combat!

Airsoft Extreme

Airsoft GI

Big Boy Toys Airsoft



Hot Spot Airsoft



Long Island Airsoft

ParaFrog Airsoft

Spartan Imports

The War Store

Trinity Airsoft

Here are some clips of more advanced combat that are the highlight of OLCMSS Events.

LC X Trailer


Red Storm II Trailer

If you want to know more feel free to sign up in our forums and post your questions there.

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